Get lean, Move well, Do it for a long time.

  • Code Red Group Training classes are designed to train without joint pain so that you can continue to be active for the rest of your life!
  • Code Red HIIT – High-Intensity Interval Training
  • Code Red STRENGTH – Slow Intensity Long Intervals
  • Code Red HYBRID – A mix of Short Intensity and Slow Intensity
  • We currently have room for 7 IN-STUDIO spaces, as well, we also LIVE STREAM each class
  • We record each class so you can get fit from the schedule of your own home


In 1997 he finished with a Bachelor of Kinesiology and a minor in psychology.

In 2002, Neil is a quadriplegic from a mountain bike accident. It took Neil 1 year to recover his base strength and 1 more year to race downhill mountain bikes again, this time he qualified to race at an elite level for the first time!

He recovered from his neck injury because he was strong, he trained hard, he played hard. He wanted to pass that resilience on to his clients. Neil has been changing lives as a personal trainer since 1997 and just received the Canadian Personal Trainers Network Award of Merit, as well, invented and trademarked an extremely popular fitness class called Code Red.


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Sasha R

I’ve seen many great reviews for CODE RED over the years, and I always wanted to try it. I finally got to try the new ONLINE version, and I can see what all the hype is about! The atmosphere Neil and Jessie create is encouraging, motivating, and professional. As they tag-team the exercise demos, Neil checks in with us to coach and cheer us on. It is obvious each workout is well thought out, and offers options for different levels of fitness, ability, or equipment which we may or may not have at home. The scheduled ONLINE workouts, with familiar faces, has been exactly what I need. Give it a try.

Carol / Glenn Nelson

I’ve been working out at Lifeworks gym for about two years now, almost exclusively with the Code Red fitness classes. To say these work outs are life changing is an understatement. I’ve noticed an incredible and positive difference in my overall fitness level, particularly in my strength. The classes are fun, challenging, and never boring!! As an instructor, trainer and coach,  Neil is incredibly knowledgeable and motivating, leading all participants to be and do their best.

It’s easy to see the amount of effort and passion Neil and Jessie have for fitness and their gym- it truly is a positive and energetic place to work out. #clientforlife #lifeworksrocks

Kira Christoffersson

I highly recommend Neil Fox at Lifeworks as a personal trainer with a wealth of knowledge and for his customized programming.  Neil gives you a thorough assessment and  creates a program specifically designed for you – to meet your fitness goals and to build strength, stability and/or flexibility (as needed). I love how streamlined and effective the program has been, helping me achieve meaningful goals quickly.  I started working with Neil to recover from an injury and I will continue because I see so much value in his guidance for improving my overall fitness, staying strong and healthy, and preventing further injury.

Katherine Stack

Code red is a must try. The high-intensity interval training and plyometrics have made a noticeable improvement in my mountain biking and alpine skiing performance. It’s fun, always different, and based on a strong foundation of research.