In 12 weeks, I help the mature athlete or weekend warrior train without pain to get back to the active athletic lifestyle that they live for.

Does this sound familiar?

  1. You are frustrated because every time you work out your shoulder joint or low back or knees hurt the next day.
  2. You’re sick of not being able to be active with your family and friends because of your low back pain.
  3. Every morning it takes an hour to get moving before your low back settles down.
  4. You are afraid every time you enjoy the great outdoors that your knees or hips or low back will flare up.

This is how you fix that:

  • Step One

    Clean Up Your Daily HABITS

    — Posture
    — Movement
    — Inflammatory Eating

  • Step Two

    Make Yourself TRU

    — Tighten Loose Spokes
    — Loosen Tight Spokes
    — Build STRENGTH

  • Step Three

    Stengthen BAM!

    — BUM
    — ABS
    — MID-BACK


In 1997 he finished with a Bachelor of Kinesiology and a minor in psychology.

In 2002, Neil is a quadriplegic from a mountain bike accident. It took Neil 1 year to recover his base strength and 1 more year to race downhill mountain bikes again, this time he qualified to race at an elite level for the first time!

He recovered from his neck injury because he was strong, he trained hard, he played hard. He wanted to pass that resilience on to his clients. Neil has been changing lives as a personal trainer since 1997 and just received the Canadian Personal Trainers Network Award of Merit, as well, invented and trademarked an extremely popular fitness class called Code Red.


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